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B&D Burgers Downtown

  • Location
    Savannah, GA
  • Architect
    Dawson Architects
  • Construction Cost
  • Gross Area
    10,000 SF

Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Excellence in Rehabilitation Winner

209 West Congress Street has been an active retail establishment since it was first constructed by Frederick Herb in 1855. Seeking to build on its rich history, B&D Burgers acquired the site in July 2011. The exterior of the two-story brick building has now been restored to its original elegant appearance. A rigorous structural analysis was performed during the preliminary design phase.

This anaysis determined the effects of new openings in the original brick walls and floor diaphragms. The roof structure was reinforced to support new mechanical and kitchen equipment. The facade was carefully repointed and repaired in kind. The rehabilitation of this prime location has been vital in helping to develop the outskirts of Savannah's bustling City Market.