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Cotton Sail Hotel

  • Location
    Savannah, GA
  • Architect
    Dawson Architects
  • Construction Cost
  • Gross Area
    20,000 SF

Conversion of a historic warehouse into a boutique hotel

Originally constructed in 1852, the building currently occupied by the Cotton Sail Hotel was once a cotton warehouse spanning Savannah's historic Factor's Walk. The building has changed uses many times in its 162-year history, now to its current use as a boutique hotel with a rooftop restaurant and bar. The structural engineering performed by our firm for this project included a full-scale assessment of the existing structure.

The result was identifying all deficiencies, extensive masonry stabilization and repair, as well as localized reinforcement required to strengthen the existing structure to levels of compliance with modern building codes. The vertical Top Deck Bar addition was designed and constructed of structural steel moment frames and cold-formed steel stud infill. This rooftop structure transfers vertical and lateral loads to a structural steel and concrete deck roof system.