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Savannah Law School

  • Location
    Savannah, GA
  • Architect
    Lynch Associates Architects
  • Construction Cost
  • Gross Area
    80,000 SF

Rehabilitation of the 1819 Candler Hospital building

The preservation of this historic structure, originally constructed in 1819, began with the renovation of the 1955 North Wing addition. Phase II consisted of the original masonry and timber structure restoration, which included reconstruction of brick shear walls, lintels, arches, balcony, entry stair, and cupola, reinforcement of the floor and roof structure, repair of deteriorated structural masonry elements, and the addition of a new interior elevator pit and shaft. Furthermore, the existing four-story concrete South Wing addition was demolished, reopening Huntington Street to Drayton Street.

Tharpe Engineering Group's engineers spent many hours evaluating the structural system long before construction began. Material testing was performed to determine proper reconstruction techniques, and extensive photo and video documentation was performed to assess existing conditions. Utilizing time-tested masonry construction techniques and new materials that were compatible with the existing structural elements, this significant structure was stabilized and improved to accommodate over 400 anticipated students and faculty and roughly 15,000 square feet of Class A office space.